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16 Really Weird Versions Of Foods That'll Make You Say, "Gross" Or "Yum"

Pizza flavored ice cream exists, y'all.

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1. These sweet, crunchy cotton candy-flavored cheese balls.

mortredclay / Via

2. This pizza-flavored ice cream.

Cornerian / Via

3. These bulky banana Kit Kats.

Ii_kimochi / Via

4. Or this avocado ice cream (made with real avocados!).

wickedrobot200 / Via

5. These donut-flavored Tic Tacs.

thetheoryof / Via

6. This milk that's flavored like the leftover milk from a bowl of cereal.

BigRedHair92 / Via

7. This cucumber Sprite.

irinakenobi / Via

8. The various, unique flavors chips come in, like these cheeseburger Cheetos.

merpup / Via

9. Or these cola-flavored Cheetos.

qban1981 / Via

10. Then, there are Top Ramen-flavored Pringles.

jm610228 / Via

11. And shrimp-flavored Funyuns.

ming_the_merciless / Via

12. These grape-flavored apples that prove even Mother Nature's fruits aren't safe from being tampered with.

hannahgrov / Via

13. And these cotton candy-flavored grapes.

food_cats / Via

14. These shakes that are flavored like popular candies.

HopeMyLifeGetsBetter / Via

15. This Mountain Dew-flavored popcorn.

j_tyler / Via

16. And finally, these pizza and spaghetti-flavored slushies.

marleymorse13 / Via

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