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    Updated on Feb 10, 2019. Posted on Jun 13, 2018

    16 Really Weird Versions Of Foods That'll Make You Say, "Gross" Or "Yum"

    Pizza flavored ice cream exists, y'all.

    1. These sweet, crunchy cotton candy-flavored cheese balls.

    mortredclay / Via

    2. This pizza-flavored ice cream.

    Cornerian / Via

    3. These bulky banana Kit Kats.

    Ii_kimochi / Via

    4. Or this avocado ice cream (made with real avocados!).

    wickedrobot200 / Via

    5. These donut-flavored Tic Tacs.

    thetheoryof / Via

    6. This milk that's flavored like the leftover milk from a bowl of cereal.

    BigRedHair92 / Via

    7. This cucumber Sprite.

    irinakenobi / Via

    8. The various, unique flavors chips come in, like these cheeseburger Cheetos.

    merpup / Via

    9. Or these cola-flavored Cheetos.

    qban1981 / Via

    10. Then, there are Top Ramen-flavored Pringles.

    jm610228 / Via

    11. And shrimp-flavored Funyuns.

    ming_the_merciless / Via

    12. These grape-flavored apples that prove even Mother Nature's fruits aren't safe from being tampered with.

    hannahgrov / Via

    13. And these cotton candy-flavored grapes.

    food_cats / Via

    14. These shakes that are flavored like popular candies.

    HopeMyLifeGetsBetter / Via

    15. This Mountain Dew-flavored popcorn.

    j_tyler / Via

    16. And finally, these pizza and spaghetti-flavored slushies.

    marleymorse13 / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting