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    I Followed Michael B. Jordan's "Creed" Workout For A Month And This Is What I Looked Like After

    A gallon of water a day = living in a bathroom.

    Hi, I’m Christopher E. Hudspeth and I’ve been a fan of Michael B. Jordan’s work for years.

    Back in June, the Creed II trailer dropped and after watching it 14 times I said, “Yo, I wonder if I could get in shape like that?” which was kinda weird because I was alone in my room talking out loud to nobody.

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    That's where Corey Calliet comes in. He's a celebrity trainer who you may've seen on Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, and he's been working with Michael B. Jordan for years.

    Because I knew so far in advance that I’d be on a strict diet, I was eating out and buying whatever junk foods I pleased from the store.

    Just accidentally said, “oh hell yeah” so loud that multiple ppl in the store turned around to see why, but it was just because I saw a thickly frosted slice of carrot cake

    I’ll be honest — I convinced myself that it was actually best to eat a bunch of processed, fried, fast foods because it’d make for more drastic physical results. Yes, y’all, I was really tilting bags of Hot Cheetos to my mouth and chugging ‘em like soda saying, “This is my sacrifice, I’m doing it for the content.”

    On Oct. 1, I met with Corey Calliet for our first workout.

    Needless to say, the first workout with Corey was brutal. He had me doing all sorts of exercises at a pace that frankly felt like attempted murder.

    So, it was time to begin. Just to give you an idea of what I was dealing with diet wise, here’s a rundown of what it entailed:

    The fitness regimen required me to workout six days a week, each session dedicated to a different body part, with additional cardio.

    The first week my entire body hurt, but the soreness in my legs was an extra level of miserable. When I walked, it looked like I was an infomercial actor exaggerating how difficult walking is.

    You know everything I said above about how the first week sucked? That. All of it, again.

    Along the way, I wrote notes in my phone to keep track of how I was feeling.

    On day 15, I actually worked out with Corey and I must say, it was humbling trying to follow along with him.

    Once buzzed, I began thinking about Crunchwrap Supremes and Beefy Nacho Grillers. I’m not proud of this, but one thing led to another and suddenly I was on DoorDash ordering Taco Bell. Then, the universe intervened.

    The morning after divine intervention prevented me from cheating on the diet, I took it as a sign that I needed to stay on track, so I made my basic, boring-ass breakfast.

    The last few days before this ended, I felt the type of excitement kids feel on Christmas Eve, but from Santa’s perspective because I was anticipating eating hella cookies.

    Luckily I survived the final workout and at the conclusion of it all, Corey gave me his stamp of approval on the final results.

    In celebration of completing the 30 days, and in an effort to see just how comparable the progress was to Michael B. Jordan’s Creed physique, I tried to recreate some photos of him.

    And here’s a recreation of one of the Creed II posters.

    All in all, I felt the 30 days were a success. I got to workout with The Ab Whisperer, Corey Calliet and I learned that one month is legitimately enough time to make a big change.

    If you’re interested in trying this for yourself, Corey Calliet is currently running a Creed inspired 30-day diet and fitness challenge, and the workout and nutrition plans are available for purchase here.