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17 Recent Tinder Interactions That Indicate Dating In 2023 Is Going To Be Quite A Challenge

Dating in 2023 is going to be quite the challenge.

1. This person who seems just a little intense for introductions.

someone says nice to meet you and the person replies, we haven't met, i dislike the false sense of familiarity that social media gives people

2. This person who has MBTI in their bio and chose to be hostile when asked about it (MBTI = Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, a personality test).

person telling someone to use google

3. This person who casually lied about educational credentials.

person admitting they don't have a PhD but that they should because they know a lot

4. This conversation that got dark fast and ended quickly.

someone brining up the black plague

5. This person who is absolutely terrible at conversation.

someone saying that facetime is an even lower stakes way of seeing if there is chemistry than going out for drinks

6. This person who goes from kind to creepy in a flash.

someone getting sexual when the person tells them they feel sick

7. This conversation that's off to quite a start.

exchanging hellos goes wrong

8. This person who is starting the conversation by being slightly rude/weird.

someone saying they can only answer one question at a time and so they should be asked one at a time

9. This person overreacting to not getting an immediate response.

someone being dismissed after less than one day of not responding right away

10. This irritating interaction.

someone keeping saying let's get to know each other's and keeps saying it grammatically incorrect

11. This person's aggressive pun opener with a side of emojis that didn't go well.

wanna know the difference between jesus and i? jesus was full of grace but grace is about to full of me

12. This person who is repeatedly getting bailed on mid-conversation.

chats that haven't been responded to

13. This person whose bio said to tell them a bad joke, but they didn't pick up on it.

someone tells a bad joke about ending in the ICU and the other asks if they are ok

14. This person who opens with rudeness and is given extreme rudeness in return.

two rude messages

15. This lazy, immediate pivot to turn the convo sexual.

truth or dare turns sexual

16. This person who took a normal interaction and sent unsolicited pics.

someone talking about hanging out with family and then sending an unsolicited dirty pic

17. And finally, this person who would actually probably benefit from reading a book or two.

talking about hobbies turns sexual