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    A Teacher Transformed Her Classroom Into Hogwarts And It's So Impressively Detailed

    So much detail!

    This is public school educator Staci Lamb. She's been teaching for years now and has always "tried to spruce up" her classrooms, but this year she went all out with a Hogwarts theme.

    First and foremost, I want y'all to see what the classroom looked like before Lamb's magic touch. Pretty standard, right?

    Even the entrance to the classroom lets you know you're about to step into something special. Lamb told BuzzFeed she first did a Hogwarts theme last year, but this time around she "added to and augmented it."

    OK, now brace yourself for a look inside the room and prepare to be impressed.

    Welcome to Hogwarts ⚡ (aka my classroom lol)

    The room was self-funded and Lamb said it took her "about a month before school started" to prepare it. She "would spend a few hours a day there," using a good amount of the time searching for furniture and items to use in the room.

    Needless to say, there are many adults who really wish they could be part of Lamb's class.

    @EngagingStaci How do I join your class?

    Lamb said of her students, "The most rewarding experience is watching their different facial expressions and first reactions when they walk through the door."

    As for what themes future students can expect, Lamb said, "I’d love to do something with Alice in Wonderland or maybe even have different sections of my room dedicated to different books."