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This Netflix Documentary Called "The Game Changers" Is Making People Go Vegan, So I Watched And Here's What I Learned

"The Game Changers on Netflix has inspired me to become vegan."

If you haven't heard, there's a documentary on Netflix called The Game Changers and I keep hearing about it. Supposedly it is pretty informative and many of its viewers are saying they're going to become vegan after watching...

So I watched it myself and here are all of the things I learned. I'll preface this information with the message this film begins with.

1. All protein originates in plants. The protein one gets from eating a steak or a burger are actually from the plants the animal ate.

2. The average plant-eater gets 70% more protein than they need.

3. Many meat-eaters get more than half of their protein from plants.

4. When you eat animals regularly, you begin forming plaques in the coronary arteries.

5. The plaque formation doesn't just limit the function of the arteries, it can block blood flow and make it difficult for your heart to keep up with the demands of your body.

6. When animal protein is cooked, preserved, or digested by our gut bacteria, highly inflammatory compounds are formed and they corrode our cardiovascular system.

7. People who get their protein strictly from plants reduce their risk of heart disease by 55%.

8. The only diets to have been shown to reverse heart disease are plant-based ones.

9. A doctor named Aaron Spitz says that eating meat can affect the penis and the duration/hardness of erections.

10. There was a test done in which three men were given meat burritos one night, and plant-based protein burritos another night. Their erections were monitored in their sleep. It turned out that their erections were harder, occurred significantly more often, and lasted longer when they had a plant-based meal.

11. A single animal-based meal can affect blood flow throughout the entire body. A blood test done with Miami Dolphins football players showed how much fat and cloudiness was circulating on top of their blood when they ate a meat burrito versus a plant burrito.

12. Many professional athletes, from UFC fighters to NFL players and even Olympians are on plant-based diets.

13. Meat, dairy, egg, and fish farming use 83% of the world's farmland, but only account for 18% of the world's calories. This is because livestock require so much land and on average, they consume six times more protein than they produce. Simply put, feeding animals requires vast amounts of land.


This was a thought-provoking documentary that featured many athletes and folks with differing dieting habits and it was incredibly interesting to hear their perspectives and opinions. I definitely recommend watching The Game Changers if you're even remotely interested in changing up your diet, or if you're an open-minded meat-eater looking to hear a different perspective!