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    This Husband Learned How To Do His Wife's Makeup Before She Loses Her Sight

    He began makeup courses last October.

    This is Mona and her husband Des Monahan. At 83-years-old, Mona's eyesight is deteriorating.

    Caters News / Caters News Agency

    Des wanted to learn how to do Mona's makeup before her vision was fully gone, he began taking classes.

    Caters News / Caters News Agency

    "I thought the quicker I learnt the better," Des said.

    He'd never done makeup before, but now Des can apply an entire look, from lipstick and bronzer to eyeliner.

    Caters News / Caters News Agency

    Mona said, "I struggle to see the colors of different shades now, but thanks to Des I now know my makeup will always look great."

    The couple met with a makeup artist named Rosie O'Driscoll, who they formed a bond with during their lessons.

    Caters News / Caters News Agency

    Des said, "Rosie has been a great friend to us and we go in daily to see her so I can get more tips."

    The trio has connected outside of the makeup classes, meeting up for tea and developing a friendship beyond the cosmetics.

    Caters News / Caters News Agency

    Des has learned so much that he's even testing out new looks, making his teacher, Rosie, proud.

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    Rosie says, "Des and Mona's story shows that no matter your age or gender, there is always new skills that can be learned."

    It's quite a beautiful love story, but be prepared for the wave of emotions that comes with watching.

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