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    15 Pictures Of Things From When You Were A Kid That You Can Practically Smell

    Come get a whiff.

    1. The unique putty smell that came from a plastic container of Play-Doh.

    jennaflores / Via

    2. The glorious aroma of a freshly opened pack of Pokémon cards.

    shaft2007 / Via

    3. These bouncy balls that had a rough texture and distinct smell.

    4. The funky stench of unwashed pinnies that you occasionally used in gym class.

    5. The peculiar, toxic smell of these plastic balloons.

    dingdongdoug / Via

    6. These fun, various scented scratch n' sniff stickers.

    audkawa / Via

    7. The wave of pencils and crayons you smelled when you opened a Spacemaker box.

    boredough / Via

    8. The thick odor of these large permanent markers.

    holmeshandmade / Via

    9. The rubbery smell of a Kosmic Koosh.

    blast_from_the_past_2017 / Via

    10. These glorious scented markers that smelled so good it was tough not to do a taste test.

    attyssproutvintage / Via

    11. The burnt smell that came after firing these things off.

    DefaultAnthony / Via

    12. This slime from a quarter machine that left a strange funk all over your hands.

    bluebonnetts / Via

    13. The smell inside these clunky, themed lunch boxes and thermoses.

    addictedtobubbles / Via

    14. This profoundly strong holding gel that you could smell when it was in your hair, or when it dried up and broke into pieces all over you throughout the day.

    SnackyChunk / Via

    15. And finally, the plastic movie case and carpet smell of a Blockbuster Video.

    really_really_good / Via

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