21 Jokes About What Texting In The '90s Would've Been Like That'll Make You Nostalgic

    "I just broke my Spice Girls cassette, do you have a pencil so I can fix it?"

    1. When you needed a place to meet, a finish line for races, or an end zone for football games.

    2. When you used the landline for internet.

    #TextLikeThe90s sorry i couldnt answer the phone

    3. When popular sayings caught on.

    #TextLikeThe90s Whaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upppppppppp?????

    4. When you provided your friends with custom body art.

    Want a colorful tattoo painted on your hand? Meet in cafeteria #TextLikeThe90s

    5. When the commonly used form of communication was a handwritten note.

    #TextLikeThe90s early 90’s was something like this.

    6. When there weren't any streaming services.

    Anyone wanna go rent a movie with me? #TextLikeThe90s

    7. And when you forgot the important final step before returning rentals.

    #TextLikeThe90s damnit, I forgot to rewind the VHS before returning it to blockbuster

    8. When you recorded over and over again on VHS tapes.

    Hold on, mom! I'm setting the VCR to record SpongeBob #TextLikeThe90s

    9. When the greatest medical drama of all time was still on the air.

    Shoot, ER is about to come on! #TextLikeThe90s

    10. When there were consequences for forgotten late fees:

    #TextLikeThe90s Sorry, cant come over. I forgot to take that movie back to the video store two weeks ago and my mom got charged $50.00 in late fees. I'm grounded until I pay her back.

    11. When you got another AOL free trial disc.

    I got 50 free AOL Minutes in the Mail today! #TextLikeThe90s

    12. When you used those terrible pencils.

    Stabbed myself today with a push point pencil... #TextLikeThe90s

    13. When you played the free games installed on your computer.

    I bet you can’t beat my highscore at pinball! #TextLikeThe90s

    14. When you needed a quick fix.

    #TextLikeThe90s dude you have to blow in the cartridge to make the game work again

    15. When you had Saturday night priorities.

    16. When your tape malfunctioned.

    I just broke my spice girls cassette do you have a pencil so I can fix it? #TextLikeThe90s

    17. When you wanted to send short, rapid-fire messages.

    18. When you wanted to pick up where you left off on a video game.

    Which memory card had my Spyro 2 save? #TextLikeThe90s

    19. When you wanted to make plans to see a movie.

    “Hey man, when’s the next movie?” “I don’t know, let me go find the nearest newspaper.” #TextLikeThe90s

    20. When you had limited cellphone minutes before a certain time of night.

    “Call me after 9 when my minutes are free” #TextLikeThe90s

    21. And finally, when you had dial-up internet.

    #TextLikeThe90s My Modem Is So Slowwwwwwwwwwwww!