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Have You Ever Had A Psychic Moment Or Experienced An Unexplainable Glitch In The Matrix?

A glimpse into the future or an unexplainable happening.

Hello, my name is Christopher and here's a story — last week, I was dozing off when I suddenly had a visual of a bright yellow school bus coming at me head-on. It stirred me fully awake.

One morning, days later, I was driving and I stopped at a red light. In the lane next to me, a bright yellow school bus pulled up. I thought about that weird vision I had. The light turned green and I was fully on edge as I put my foot on the gas...

I drove watchfully, slightly below the speed limit. NO LONGER THAN 20 SECONDS LATER, the car in front of me slammed their brakes and tried to make a U-turn into one of the oncoming traffic lanes. There was no way I could stop in time to avoid contact entirely, BUT because I'd just seen the bus moments earlier and it'd spooked me enough to drive slower and be fully prepared to hit my brakes, there was only a fairly light tap to their left rear bumper, resulting in minor scuffing instead of what would've undoubtedly been a much worse, high-impact collision.

And hello, my name is Shelby and here's another story — many years ago when I was just a sweet, naïve 7-year-old, I had a very vivid dream in which I walked down the stairs and into the computer room (lol the '90s, am I right?), and saw my mom crying.

When I asked her why she was crying, she told me it was because Tigger, our beloved cat, had just died. I woke up right after, a little frazzled.

About a week later, I had semi-forgotten about the dream. I woke up and happily went down the stairs into the computer room...where my mom was the exact same spot she'd been crying in the dream.... I asked her why she was crying....

...and she said...


So we'd like to know — have you ever experienced a moment during which you saw into the future or had a strange glitch in the matrix where you envisioned something before it happened? Tell us in the comments below! Your story could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!