24 Times People Tried To Flirt That Went So Poorly, They'll Actually Make You Wince

    Just a fair warning: reading this WILL make you cringe.

    Oftentimes, people are encouraged to (respectfully) shoot their shots. Unfortunately, it can be tough out there, y'all. Sometimes people take a chance and it doesn't work out in their favor, and while we never want to be on the receiving end of such pain, we can't help but rubberneck at failed flirtation attempts. Here are some subtle, bold, and flat-out bad shots people took and missed...

    1. This person who thought they were the "really cool dude" being discussed.

    2. This person who got shot down but attempted to make a recovery.

    3. This person who thought they were being flirted with and flirted back, only to find out the cold, hard truth.

    4. This person who thought they could smoothly recover from being shot down.

    5. This person who was turned down for dinner by someone who was lying (because Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays).

    6. This person who got called out for their idea of being a "friend," which actually meant not taking a hint when previous passes were declined.

    7. This person who asked a question they probably didn't want the answer to.

    8. This person who got a blunt, sobering rejection.

    Oof from sadcringe

    9. This person who creepily eavesdropped and pulled this invasive move that feels like it should be illegal or something.

    10. This bank-themed pickup line that never stood a chance.

    11. This person who shot a shot, then tried to turn back the clock.

    12. This person who actually shot a shot and got a dinner date lined up but probably canceled after seeing this.

    13. This person who was confusingly denied by their crush.

    14. This person who didn't get a response but did get screenshotted, which probably isn't a great sign.

    15. This person who ensured that their message would be read, but still got ignored.

    16. This person's absolutely brutal, Mutombo-style rejection.

    17. This person who went from introductions to unfriended.

    18. This person who went this roundabout way of asking someone out.

    19. This person who put themself out there and had a pretty garbage experience.

    20. This person who was respectfully turned down and immediately went with a preposterous excuse.

    21. This person's attempt at finding out if someone has feelings for them, which is basically a "Do you like me? Yes or No" note.

    22. This person who made an attempt but was just needed for film suggestions.

    23. This person who basically shot a shot in the form of an open call to any crushes and was instead informed that they have a friend/someone who is indifferent about them.

    24. And finally, this person who shot a shot at a newly single person and took a brutal L.

    H/T: r/sadcringe.