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    18 Reviews People Actually Wrote About Products And Restaurants That Made Me Question Humanity's Intelligence Level

    "I hate this place because teens were there enjoying there self's" — a 1-star theme park review.

    1. This 1-star review for a computer store from someone who didn't even go there — they were at a credit union nearby.

    2. This review for a bed that's actually more of a recap of someone's day.

    3. This person who left a bad review on this manga because it reads from "back to front," which is how it's meant to be read.

    4. This review on some small business called McDonald's that came with a headshot, for some reason.

    Ivan says hamburger and French fries are good, near to his house, and posts a headshot of himself

    5. This review of an eye doctor that was intended to be nice, but an initial error made it sound pretty crappy.

    6. These THREE 1-star reviews for a theme park, all of which are unwarranted.

    7. This person who gave 5 stars and kind words but then said no to recommending the product.

    8. This guy who just left a photo of himself and the word "great" as his review of a toothbrush.

    4-star review with the word "Great" and a sideways headshot

    9. And this ink cartridge review that is completely normal other than the random selfie that someone decided to include.

    5-star review for an HP ink cartridge with "The service was great" and a headshot

    10. This review rating an apartment complex low because they...wouldn't take a lower offer on a place.

    11. This 1-star review from someone who has never been to this business.

    12. This person who is trying to leave a hotel a nice review but is fed up with all the questions.

    13. This useless review from Peter who is having spacing issues.

    14. These bad reviews for a Chuck E. Cheese that are really something.

    15. This review on an item letting the seller know it won't be opened until Christmas.

    16. This 1-star review for a fryer that has nothing to do with the product and everything to do with someone's doctor telling them to cut back on fried foods.

    17. This person trying to cancel their Grubhub account in the review section.

    18. And finally, this review of a restaurant that simply includes entirely too many personal details that just didn't need to be added.

    A 5-star review thanks Rick for being helpful about booking the "all you can eat" meal and then goes into the couple's anniversary, travel plans, the cost of their son's car insurance and his cheap biological father