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16 Screenshots Of People Who Don't Seem To Realize They're In The Wrong

Maybe don't threaten to keep a customer's deposit because you didn't like their review of your hotel.

1. This hotel owner or employee who tried to keep a deposit because they got a bad review.

The hotel employee threatens to keep the customer's deposit, then sends a meme calling them a snowflake and saying young people look for things to be offended by

2. This person trying to buy someone's already discounted computer for even cheaper.

Someone asking to buy a computer for cheaper than listed, the seller says no, the buyer says they can get a better computer for that price, so the seller tells them to go buy that one then

3. This landlord who went into a tenant's house without a heads up and snapped a shot of their lint trap to send and critique.

Landlord sends a photo of tenant's lint trap and asks them to clean it, tenant says it's illegal to enter their property without permission, and the landlord says "don't argue"

4. This person asking for free tattoos and pretending they can't comprehend that it's a job people get paid for.

A client asking for a free tattoo, the artist declining, and the client pushes back and says it's not really a job, it's more of a hobby, so the tattoo artist shouldn't charge them

5. This customer's rude interaction with their Grubhub delivery person.

A customer asks for a cheeseburger with no cheese, and when the driver recommends getting the cheaper hamburger, the customer says the driver isn't getting a tip now

6. This person who was seeing someone for months while engaged and is being pretty casual about their secret being discovered.

Someone asks if the person they're seeing is engaged, the other person says yes and begs them not to tell anyone

7. This person who is openly lagging on the group project.

A member of a group project saying they can't do their part because they're playing Call of Duty

8. This person who reneged on a concert invite at the last minute.

One person excited about a concert in an hour, while the other says they forgot they invited them and are taking their girlfriend instead

9. This person trying to sell their car but being snappy about a few questions.

A customer asks how many miles are on the car and why the person is selling it, and the seller responds "Are you interested in buying or knowing my life story?"

10. This person opening with this unnecessary, hostile disclaimer before a first date.

Someone telling their date before picking them up that they're not going to bring flowers, they will be wearing shorts and a hat, and won't pay for their date's food

11. This mom who posted her child's medical info on Facebook to get second opinions from her friends because she didn't believe her kid should be discharged yet.

Someone asking their parent not to post confidential medical info on Facebook, and the parent saying it's easier than responding to lots of texts

12. This parent who wrote this foolish message complaining because their child has to learn about history.

A parent emailing a teacher to tell them they are upset their child is learning about slavery

13. This person who was being a next-level creeper with their neighbor.

A person tries to proposition their neighbor for sex, the neighbor says they're out of town, the creeper says they're outside their neighbor's door and can hear them inside, and the neighbor says their friend is watering their plants

14. This person who wasn't impressed with the discount being offered.

15. This blasé neighbor who probably shouldn't have any pets.

A person says their neighbor's dog bit their dog and has bitten their wife, and the neighbor whose dog it is says to just call animal control

16. And finally, this nurse who doesn't seem to realize how unprofessional (and obnoxious) he's being with a patient's family member.

The nurse repeatedly asks for status updates about the recipient's loved one, then starts hitting on her, asks if she's married, and says her husband is a lucky man