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    17 Times People Were Caught Lacking A Single Crumb Of Self-Awareness

    Just a lot of nerve and audacity.

    1. These people in the comments of a TV-for-sale listing, all seeming to think they're entitled to someone's winnings.

    Comment thread ending with, "I'm sure there were other prizes that were in the raffle..."

    2. This person asking for a house call hair trim when they're not willing to pay more than $10.

    Comment thread ending with, "Unfortunately it's the same amount of work if you want one inch off or five. I don't think $10 would even cover gas. you may be able to go into a salon for $10 for a bang trim only with no wash/dry/style."

    3. This person who wrote a negative review because an employee wouldn't violate health protocol for them.

    A negative review ending with, "Any decent person would have either reheated that sandwich or would have "OFFERED" to make me a new one. These are the type of people that will destroy a business."

    4. This person's neighbor who complained about the brand of ketchup they were asking to borrow.

    Online Twitter comment, stating, "My neighbor asked to borrow ketchup (yes, I know a neighbor) & gave me attitude cuz it was Hunt's and not Heinz so I pulled it back & refused to give it to her and now our altercation is on the neighborhood app."

    5. This person who is asking someone if they have any free stuff in addition to the free stuff they're already giving away.

    Text thread ending with, "Is that all you got was just them shelves? Kind of far for couple shelves if you know what I mean. But if you got a couple more things that would be cool."

    6. This person who wants someone to take on their inconvenient hassles for a birthday gift.

    Text exchange ending with a person saying, "Way to ruin a good man's 50th birthday asshole."

    7. This person who wants gas money to go pick up a FREE microwave.

    Text exchange ending with, "I don't even know how to respond to you! Unreal"

    8. This person who wanted a nice play-place for zero dollars, then got mad when someone trolled her.

    Comment thread which includes, "Hey you gave me the wrong number. That's Lowe's." "That's a hint, hunny. They'll help you with what you need just fine." "I'm reporting you. Cunt."

    9. This person who doesn't understand how getting custom-made diet and fitness regimens work.

    Text exchange ending with, "Mark my words, none of my friends, colleagues, or family members will EVER purchase a plan from you. That's a promise. On top of that, your Yelp reviews are as good as RIP."

    10. This person on their town Facebook group, upset that nobody is taking their demands for a TV or iPad seriously.

    Comment thread on Facebook ending in, "Thanks - arrogant rude people like this really annoy me"

    11. This person who is mad at nannies not wanting to work for them while only offering $10 an hour.

    Job posting ending with, "Perfect for the older mom/grandma type that wants to hang with my 1yr old. He's very sweet. I need help ASAP. We cannot afford this '$15/$20' an hour stuff. Serious inquiries only."

    12. This person who listed an item for sale, then got shady instead of honoring the asking price.

    Text exchange ending with, "Hi yes still available but I am using it myself currently and I am liking it haha so not sure if I want to sell what's the most you would pay ?"

    13. This person trying to score free tattoos off of a fairly new artist.

    Text exchange ending with, "Yeah no I'm not wasting my thousands of dollars in supplies when i have people that are willing to pay me for my time. If you're that cheap then you wouldn't be getting tattoos period."

    14. This person kicking things off by offering significantly less than the selling price, then going even lower before resorting to name-calling.

    Text exchange ending with, "Fuck you prick!"

    15. This person who tried to get a discount on a fridge based on the neighborhood the seller lived in.

    Text exchange ending with, "You don't even need the fridge, clearly"

    16. This person who got mad at someone for selling an item after they missed the meeting time.

    Text exchange ending with, "You could have drove 10-15 minutes to help me But it's good my g, keep living your selfish life. Wish you the best"

    17. And finally, this person who came with a lowball offer, though their final response was honestly kind of funny.

    Text exchange ending with, "ok where are you located so I can go and get it from the trash.Thank you."