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    16 Screenshots Of People Who Borrowed Someone's Login Info, Then Got Way Too Comfortable On Their Account

    Be careful who you lend passwords to.

    1. This person who lent their cousins (Quynh-mal and Vinh) their login info, and they decided to change the profiles to their parents (Mom and Dad), leaving the actual owner of the Netflix account with the "Guest" profile.

    2. This person gave their Netflix login to their son, who gave it to a roommate, who had a lot of nerve.

    former roommate of son asking for a Netflix password

    3. This person who was generous enough to lend their Hulu out, but got criticized for not having the ad-free upgrade.

    4. This person who shared their Netflix info with their mom and sister, then changed their password when they realized there were several people using their account, leading to this chaos.

    argument with family members because the account holder changed their password

    5. This person who lent their Netflix to their mother and now they can't watch because she's using two screens at once.

    6. This person who is mad at someone else for not paying the bill that was allowing them to bum Disney+.

    a person saying they don't think they can borrow account access from people who "do not have their life together"

    7. This person's sister sending a middle finger (allegedly accidentally) after a "no" text was mistakenly sent in response to her request.

    8. This person who got angry at his brother, suggesting he doesn't care about his niece because he canceled Netflix.

    person getting mad that their brother got rid of Netflix

    9. This person who told someone not to talk to them, but also not to change their login info until Game of Thrones had ended.

    Text thread where person says they're blocking them but asks them to keep their login info the same

    10. This person who NEEDS the Hotstar streaming service, but like, for free.

    a person DM'ing someone that they need their account info

    11. This person who had this interaction with their ex's friend who they hadn't talked to in years.

    text thread showing person asking for a password and then getting mad that the other person won't give it

    12. This person who got an entitled message from their ex after a year of being broken up.

    ex's texts asking for password and then getting mad when they refuse

    13. This person who got rude when their request was denied.

    a person asking why someone's being "such a bitch" and not giving them a Netflix password

    14. This person complaining about somebody not paying for their Netflix while bumming it off of them.

    15. This person's harsh breakup words, minus wanting to keep using the Netflix.

    16. And finally, someone changed their Netflix login info that their friend's ex was using, leading to this interaction between the friend and the ex.

    DMs showing argument