21 People Who Tried So Hard To Sound Tough But Should Actually Be Embarrassed

    Some people are incapable of feeling embarrassment.

    1. This person who thinks drinking black coffee makes them cool.

    2. This person freaking out because someone wished his girlfriend a happy birthday on Facebook.

    3. This guy who is very protective of Samantha.

    4. This goof bragging about beating up a door.

    5. This dweeb bragging about shooting up a laptop.

    6. This dude who goes to Costco with a gun for...attention?

    7. This weirdo.

    8. This lifted truck owner talking about plans to intimidate a child with a gun.

    9. This person — who seems insecure — posting on his girlfriend's Snapchat to let everyone know not to contact her OR ELSE.

    A boy threatening violence to anyone who contacts or messages his girlfriend

    10. This total "alpha" in the comments.

    11. This generous person who makes the sacrifice of playing video games to avoid punching the rest of us.

    12. This sword owner you don't want any problems with.

    13. This person who totally scared a customer with their "wolf eyes."

    14. This paranoid, braggy boomer.

    15. This person who says that if they confirmed God exists, they'd beat God up.

    16. This person bragging about their jewelry and their gun.

    17. This clown covered in guns to order a Subway sandwich.

    18. This new boyfriend trying to get involved in the process of his girlfriend's divorce from her ex.

    19. This oddly hostile guy on Facebook.

    20. This oddly hostile dinner post. Like, bruh, go enjoy your spaghetti, why are you subtly threatening your Snapchat followers?

    21. And finally, this person who is scared of fist bumps.