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17 Screenshots Of Manipulative People On Facebook Marketplace That Are Pretty Infuriating

How are these people real?

1. This person offering less money than the asking price AND wanting free delivery.

2. This person trying to negotiate on something that cost TWO DOLLARS.

3. This person trying to tell someone that deep down they want to sell their Ikea stools for super cheap.

4. This person who doesn't have a way to pick the item up but does have THE AUDACITY.

5. This person who tried to guilt someone into giving them a $425 discount.

6. This person who is also attempting the art of getting guilt-driven discounts.

7. This person who is upset at someone for selling an item they won in a contest.

8. This entitled brat who threw a tantrum when they weren't given top priority on a free bicycle.

9. This person who listed an item as "free," then asked for money and called it "click and bait."

10. This person who went from $400 to free all of a sudden.

11. This person who is kind of asking for a lot of assistance for 100% free items.

12. This person who can't grasp the concept of a bed frame being sold by itself.

13. This person who got angry when they couldn't get their iPhone for extra cheap.

14. This person who seemed unable to comprehend the asking price, then seemed shocked when the seller ghosted them.

15. This person who got scolded about an item they were giving away for free.

16. This person who wanted a $200 discount, then called the item "shit" when they were denied.

17. And finally, this clown who is trying to shoot his unwanted shot, using Facebook Marketplace like it's a dating app.