18 Times Companies Had A Lot Of Audacity With Their Poor Treatment Of Employees

    The way some places treat workers...

    1. This totally professional person who is being really weird and condescending about the word "hey."

    Screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation

    2. This office that's trying to force workers to stay after hours for every minute late they are.

    A note asking employees to stay late if they come in to work late

    3. And this sign that's enforcing a similarly unfair ratio of payback for however many minutes late someone is. (Scroll below for a closer look at the sign.)

    A note saying people will be deducted pay for being late
    Screenshot of a note saying employees will be deducted pay for being late

    4. This company that is capping someone's pay at 40 hours, shorting them of three hours and seven minutes worth of work.

    Notice that a company is capping pay at 40 hours a week

    5. And this restaurant that tried to pay someone two hours less because they're new to the job.

    Screenshot of a text exchange with the boss responding, "Fuck off" at the end.

    6. This company that gets real shady if you decide to quit in a manner that they don't approve of.

    A note from an employer showing the consequences of quitting the job

    7. This HR person who is trying to get all up in an employee's business on their way out.

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    8. This kitchen that had a staff walkout leading to a hostile, threatening email from the person in charge.

    A note from a boss to employees, ending in, "You are all replaceable and the process has now begun."

    Seriously, WTF is this about?

    9. This company asking people who want a holiday off to pay managers $50 AN HOUR to cover their shift.

    A note from management asking employees to pay $50 an hour to have someone cover their shift.

    10. This company that would've let an employee die before they'd call an ambulance and risk getting in trouble with the owner.

    An employee's experience of his company not wanting to call an ambulance when he got hurt.

    11. This big company's weird, degrading offer to put an employee in "jail" to raise money for a cause instead of just donating themselves. (Scroll below for a closer look at the sign.)

    A notice asking to put an "associate in jail."
    A notice saying employees could put an "associate in jail"

    12. This meat company trying to lowball someone despite their experience.

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    13. This company that makes people sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that they don't discuss their pay.

    A notice from employers asking employees not to talk about compensation

    14. And this message someone received threatening their job over talking about pay.

    A notice from an employer asking an employee to not talk about pay

    15. This person who handles hiring for a company and thinks it's a red flag if someone asks about compensation, which is...the main point of seeking employment.

    A recruiter asking a job-seeker not to ask about compensation.

    16. This company that's insisting nobody call out...ever.

    A notice telling employees, "Do not call and tell us you can't come in."

    17. This boss asking an employee not to file a report on an injury that happened while doing a maintenance task they probably shouldn't have even been doing.

    An employer asking an employee not to put in a workmen's comp inquiry.

    18. And finally, this company that charges employees for accidental broken items.

    A notice telling staff they are responsible for paying for any broken items.