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14 Screenshots Of Interactions With Co-Workers That Are So Alarming It's Not Even Funny

"Hey, could you work for me on Thursday? Also, do you wear thongs?"

1. This person who asked their co-worker to cover their shift and got this response.

FailedtheTV / Via

2. This person who went from trying to get their shift covered, to asking about underwear preferences, to claiming it was an accident.

IFap2PoolPartyDraven / Via

3. This person's co-worker who tried to flex with his bank balance, then said the message was accidental, then still tried to ask for a date.

lvilla05 / Via

4. This really strange birthday message someone got from their co-worker, that should've had a comma before "squirt," and only got worse after that.

Holschier / Via

5. This really thirsty date request someone got from their co-worker.

ITookBrandybuck / Via

6. This guy Dan who sent some creepy-ass texts then blamed it on his buddy.

gbtwo88 / Via

7. This person whose co-worker sent an unsolicited dick pic, then tried to play dumb and backtrack.

heterochromiak / Via

8. This 20-year-old person's 58-year-old co-worker who isn't picking up on the short responses/lack of interest.

purepvppk / Via

9. This person's co-worker who sent a knee-jerk text.

10. This person who received a creepy set of texts from their co-worker, who continued on for an hour despite not getting a response.

dmnd1991 / Via

11. This person's co-worker who didn't mean to send a dick pic — unless it worked in his favor.

bubblybotany / Via

12. This person's very unique co-worker who is shooting a really awkward shot.

captainschmitty / Via

13. This person's co-worker who was set to get married the following week, yet sent these messages and blamed 'em on a groomsman.

malissatran / Via

14. And finally, this 19-year-old interacting with a 31-year-old coworker who simply isn't taking any hints.

yeahbitchHeisenburg / Via

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