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21 Times People On Bumble Were Caught Being Rude, Creepy, Or Simply Doing Too Much

It's looking grim out there, folks.

1. This person who couldn't just name a couple celebrities and keep the conversation moving.

a man keeps trying to tell his match that he's slept with celebs

2. This person who is not good at pickup lines.

3. This dude who sounds like a rude weirdo.

a man saying that he doesn't go out with women over 30 even though the two have already matched before

4. This person who oddly took issue with someone's vocabulary.

a man questions why the person used the word "fleeting" and says he's not that intelligent

5. This person who is asking for a free ride but labeling it *spontaneity.*

a man asking for a free 5 hour ride to get to his car

6. This person giving one word answers and attitude.

a match giving one-word answers and then telling his match to fuck off when its brought to attention

7. This person who was doing well initially, then blew it.

a match being offensive about the ways to get into his hypothetical zombie camp

8. This person who just really brought a lot of unhinged energy early on.

a match sending multiple messages back to back

9. This person who went from wholesome to horny in a flash.

10. This person who opened with some strange science.

11. This person who is on Bumble at 3:30 a.m. talking to a person who is looking for a future spouse.

12. This person who isn't interested in the concept of travel, food, wine, or stargazing.

13. This person who couldn't take the compliment without being vulgar.

14. This person who steers conversations without a single bit of subtlety.

15. This person who just slipped one very graphic comment into the otherwise chill conversation.

16. This person who seems like a really good, fun person.

a woman whose profile says for short men to fuck off and that she will not be making the first move, when bumble's whole point is that women make the first move

17. This person who is too smart for vaccines.

18. This person who is unwilling to read a single-sentence question.

19. This person who seems to think Bumble is a ride-service app.

someone wanting to be picked up from the bar

20. This person who communicates with an unnecessary amount of acronyms.

21. And finally...this person.