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    19 Schools That Hilariously Failed At Being Hip And Relatable To Their Students

    "Lit as AF."

    1. First of all, that hot dog looks inebriated.

    Mr-TechMan / Via

    2. The face arms, the hang-loose hands — it's all so anatomically inaccurate.

    ScytheSergeant / Via

    3. These versions of Shakespeare's work look #ridiculous.

    ThyWaffle / Via

    4. This creation found in a school's computer lab.

    MarchingTrombonist / Via

    5. If they didn't want kids catching colds they shouldn't have made such a sick sign.

    frozenwaterbear / Via

    6. This sign needs to be taken down ASAP as possible.

    trpinoy / Via

    7. This health teacher's delightful meme to get her point across.

    BBPJohnathan / Via

    8. Just no.

    Jude_Man_Je / Via

    9. Sick flows.

    TheSiberianGrizzly / Via


    nessknowsbest / Via

    11. Technically this sign is true, but that doesn't mean it's not eye roll–inducing.

    Feverish_Peaches / Via


    xnickg77 / Via

    13. Found in a high school nurse's office.

    Felix_Chan / Via

    14. This sign made me go sicko mode.

    -Skewby- / Via

    15. Ah, yes, the synonym stone.

    luke_nipper / Via

    16. The rad texting and driving poster in this school that's helping students and their BFFs get a grip on safety!

    um_thatsthejoke / Via

    17. This poster looks like it was made in 1995, and back then people would've thought it looked like it was made in the '80s.

    Gamecuber64 / Via

    18. This teacher did their meme-researching homework.

    metalarms98 / Via

    19. Teens mostly express their feelings through emojis, right?!

    thiccmememan / Via

    H/T: /r/FellowKids

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