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    Updated on Jun 7, 2019. Posted on May 30, 2019

    19 Schools That Hilariously Failed At Being Hip And Relatable To Their Students

    "Lit as AF."

    1. First of all, that hot dog looks inebriated.

    Mr-TechMan / Via

    2. The face arms, the hang-loose hands — it's all so anatomically inaccurate.

    ScytheSergeant / Via

    3. These versions of Shakespeare's work look #ridiculous.

    ThyWaffle / Via

    4. This creation found in a school's computer lab.

    MarchingTrombonist / Via

    5. If they didn't want kids catching colds they shouldn't have made such a sick sign.

    frozenwaterbear / Via

    6. This sign needs to be taken down ASAP as possible.

    trpinoy / Via

    7. This health teacher's delightful meme to get her point across.

    BBPJohnathan / Via

    8. Just no.

    Jude_Man_Je / Via

    9. Sick flows.

    TheSiberianGrizzly / Via


    nessknowsbest / Via

    11. Technically this sign is true, but that doesn't mean it's not eye roll–inducing.

    Feverish_Peaches / Via


    xnickg77 / Via

    13. Found in a high school nurse's office.

    Felix_Chan / Via

    14. This sign made me go sicko mode.

    -Skewby- / Via

    15. Ah, yes, the synonym stone.

    luke_nipper / Via

    16. The rad texting and driving poster in this school that's helping students and their BFFs get a grip on safety!

    um_thatsthejoke / Via

    17. This poster looks like it was made in 1995, and back then people would've thought it looked like it was made in the '80s.

    Gamecuber64 / Via

    18. This teacher did their meme-researching homework.

    metalarms98 / Via

    19. Teens mostly express their feelings through emojis, right?!

    thiccmememan / Via

    H/T: /r/FellowKids

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