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17 Screenshots Of People Who Borrowed Someone's Netflix Login Info, Then Got Way Too Comfortable

Even family can't always be trusted with your password.

We've all been there. An acquaintance, a friend, or a family member asks to borrow your login info for a streaming app, and you want to be generous, so you consider it. Sometimes you share, other times you deny them, but no matter which route you go, it can result in an awkward interaction. Just take a look at the poor souls below, and if you didn't already have trust issues, you will!

1. This person who started name-calling because someone no longer wanted to share their password.

2. This person who is like, "Yo, we are done, goodbye, but also, let me continue using your Netflix."

3. This person who thought blood was thicker than wanting family members to ask permission before upgrading your Netflix account.

Someone gets upset with her brother for changing his Netflix password after someone upgraded his account without permission

4. This person who went from asking for login info to the middle finger emoji in a flash.

5. This person who just has a whole lot of nerve. 

6. This mother who borrowed her child's account, then streamed on two devices at once.

7. This person hitting someone up on Snapchat to beg them to pay their Netflix account so they can continue leeching off of it.

8. These two _Squid Game _fans who borrowed their cousin's login info, added their own profiles, got rid of his profiles, and added profiles for their parents.

9. This person who spent YEARS borrowing a Netflix account and had the nerve to insist the owner make a payment.

Here's a closer look at that convo if you couldn't read it above:

10. This person who fully believed her ex was in the wrong for not covering the cost of her Netflix account.

Someone gets upset that their ex won't pay for and share a Netflix account

11. This person who got angry at his brother, suggesting he doesn't care about his niece because he canceled Netflix.

Someone is mad at their brother for cancelling Netflix and says they "don't care about" their niece if they don't turn it back on

12. This person who is already borrowing their friend's Netflix and is now trying to inch their way into free Hulu.

Someone who already borrows someone's Netflix is also trying to get their password

13. This person who went from politely asking a favor to being hostile because they didn't get the answer they wanted.

Someone repeatedly asks for Netflix login info, then gets mad when they're respectfully denied

14. This person who was way too comfy not asking, but TELLING their ex that they're going to use their Netflix.

Someone tells their ex they're going to use their Netflix, then gets mad when they say they'll change the password

15. This person who was offered a free Crunchyroll trial membership and somehow felt inclined to ask for someone's Netflix login instead.

16. This person seeking someone's login info promotion?

17. And finally, this person who asked their Facebook friends for free Netflix, and apparently got roasted so hard that they turned off the comments.

Well, I know what I'm doing next time someone asks for my login info...

H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars.