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    21 Restrooms That Are Going To Make You Say, "Why Doesn't Every Restroom Have That?"

    Anything hands-free is a must!

    1. This restroom door opener that allows you to use your wrist so your hands stay clean.

    Christopher Hudspeth

    2. These restrooms that have signs to let you know whether they're occupied or not.

    XV_Crosstrek / Via

    3. This bathroom that has a Bluetooth speaker installed in the mirror.

    Limerific / Via

    4. This restroom's stall doors that have an overlap so there's no weird space for awkward eye contact to happen.

    Won_and_dun / Via

    5. This urinal that has a splash guard for your feet and a holder for your drink (if you're someone who would actually bring their drink to a urinal).

    Th3B055 / Via

    6. This restroom's brilliant water-saving handle.

    lukefrew / Via

    7. This restroom that has two soap options so you can have scented or unscented hands.

    shitiseeincollege / Via

    8. This restroom's stall that has a power outlet available in case you're going to be there a minute.

    drrhrrdrr / Via

    9. These toilets that flush via a pedal rather than a handle.

    allygator314 / Via

    10. This generous restaurant that has provides a free sunscreen dispenser.

    hotdee7 / Via

    11. This restroom's mirror that has step-by-step directions on how to tie a tie.

    Suslik1415 / Via

    12. This restroom that has hand sanitizer installed into the door handle.

    Whippity / Via

    13. This restroom that has a switch you can hit if the restroom is in need of upkeep.

    PMW11 / Via

    14. This restroom's dryer that flashes a light on your hands when they're dry.

    TresComasTequila / Via

    15. This map of the restroom visible as you enter the restroom.

    TheMXJW / Via

    16. This restroom that offers odor control via a sensor that you don't have to touch.

    Doctor_McKay / Via

    17. This restroom that offers a free mouthwash dispenser.

    thejjury / Via

    18. This bathroom's wet floor signs that have a fan installed in them to dry up a mess.

    WFS12 / Via

    19. This restroom that has an informative hydration chart.

    KaiaAndromedaBlack / Via

    20. This restroom that has a television above the urinal.

    TestChamberrrrr / Via

    21. And finally, this restroom that allows you to leave a rating on your experience.

    CopyRightDate / Via

    H/T r/MildlyInteresting