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    16 Things That Are Going To Make You Ask, "Why Doesn't Every Store's Produce Section Have This?"

    Life could be so much easier for lovers of fruits and veggies!

    1. The sticker on this mango shows what color it needs to be for best taste.

    2. This store offers free pieces of fruit to children while their parents are shopping.

    3. These overripe bananas are sold with recipes for things they can be used in, like banana bread or a smoothie.

    4. This grocery store has a board that displays when its local produce is in season.

    5. These not-so-pretty fruits are sold for less instead of being tossed out.

    6. These larger produce sections are offering coats for customers who are waiting in the chilly area.

    7. This produce section uses small paper bags instead of plastic to make less waste.

    8. Or this store, which is doing their part to help the environment by using leaves to package their veggies.

    9. This package comes with variously ripe bananas so they're fresh if you eat one daily.

    10. This box of limes has an illustration of the recommended way to cut them.

    11. This produce section sells their cranberries in this sweet little bog.

    12. This store provides an avocado ripeness chart.

    13. This store's produce signs provide instructions on buying, storing, and preparing your veggies.

    14. And this store actually sorts and labels their ripe avocados!

    15. This store has a place to wash your produce ("obst dusche" translates to "fruit shower").

    16. And finally, this store grows their own vegetables on the roof and streams live footage of it to their customers!

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting