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19 Mind-Blowing Pictures That Show You What Random Objects Look Like On The Inside

The inside of a guitar seriously looks like a super pricey Airbnb.

1. The inside of this guitar that looks like a bougie lounge.

VarneyKing / Via

2. The surprising interior of a debit card.

---__-- / Via

3. The inside of a fire alarm, which is actually just a little baby switch.

Silentwisdom91 / Via

4. This die from the innards of a Magic 8-Ball.

MC_USS_Valdez / Via

5. This photo of the inside of someone's eye that looks like the sky in a terrifying parallel universe.

PhyrePhoxe / Via

6. This iPad case that's insides are filled with a bunch of flattened toothpaste packaging.

Theultravisitor / Via

7. The surprisingly hollow insides of this fire hydrant.

holycrapitsdan / Via

8. The insides of those super convenient Redbox machines.

connorappleby / Via, jlab89 / Via

9. This look at what's going on inside the Statue of Liberty's head.

marcia724 / Via

10. The inside of one of those little Keurig cups.

Thepunk28 / Via

11. The colorful, clunky insides of these fancy bowling balls.

alltheseUNs / Via

12. The inside of this tomato that looks like a strawberry.

CroixBeans / Via

13. The inside of a gas pump that's full of mysterious wires, further fueling your curiosity.

LoIIip0p / Via

14. The inside of an air mattress, which looks like some kind of alien probing laboratory.

mdgholson / Via

15. The inside of cabbages, which look like they were carefully drawn with a pen.

fabulousprizes / Via, Apewalk / Via

16. The inside of this violin that looks like a real life auditorium.

xkejjer / Via

17. The inside of this pool table that looks simple and makes me wonder how the balls get stuck so often.

Duckman296 / Via

18. This cracked cue ball that's got another pool ball inside of it.


19. And finally, this pinball machine's interior that has a meter counting the number of times it's been played, proving it really is what's inside that counts.

FresherUnderPressure / Via

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