24 Photos That Will Simply Make You Say, "Well, That Just Sucks"

    Imagine accidentally ripping out your eyelashes moments before your wedding.

    1. This person whose AirPods are in two VERY different places.

    2. This father and son who were just trying to have a driving lesson when everything took a turn.

    3. This person who will wake up to a nightmare.

    4. This person whose dinner (and dish) is ruined, not to mention the jagged shards of glass they have to clean up.

    5. This person who ripped out their eyelashes JUST before their wedding.

    6. This person who ate half their pizza before realizing there's...a shoe print inside the box.

    7. This kid (and his parents, who will be footing the medical bill).

    8. These people whose ski lift got stuck over a burst pipe that frankly feels personal.

    9. This person who sold an iPad but was given counterfeit cash.

    10. This person whose window got shattered over some cheap headphones.

    11. This person whose PS5 was stolen and replaced with a slab of stone.

    12. This person who fell through the ceiling and left this hole.

    13. This person who wanted to score two bags of chips.

    14. This person whose beanbag popped.

    15. This person who forgot to turn off their iron.

    16. This vehicle's owner.

    17. This person who found their car with a scratch and this note, which has zero contact information.

    18. And this person whose car was hit, then given a crappy paint job.

    19. This person who bought a misprinted copy of a book.

    20. This person's microwave.

    21. This person who ignored construction signs and drove in the wrong lane, ruining fresh cement.

    22. This person whose laptop is spewing plumes of smoke.

    23. This person whose fried chicken tore through bags TWICE before falling on the airport floor.

    24. And finally, this person who drove 45 minutes to work, couldn't find their bag, checked the driveway cam at home, and saw this.