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    16 Of The Most "They Knew Exactly What They Were Doing" Things You'll Ever See

    Is your mind in the gutter or were theirs?

    1. Whoever settled on this name for a game.

    2. Whoever placed these products in the same vicinity.

    3. Whoever wrote the slogan for these speakers.

    4. Whoever handled this pricing signage.

    5. Whoever wrote this video game's dialogue — "Why are we talking when we could be smashing?"

    6. Whoever made this design for "lighthouse-shaped" gummies.

    7. Whoever put together this display that could've featured any sort of pie, but went with the cream ones.

    8. Whoever wrote this headline.

    9. Whoever decided on shaping Squirtle's head like this on a body pillow.

    10. Whoever placed the sticker RIGHT THERE on this Basshunter CD.

    11. Whoever named this knockoff Nutella.

    12. Whoever is responsible for this little tag.

    13. Whoever wrote this tweet.

    14. Whoever decided Lake Garda–shaped pasta should look like this.

    15. Whoever added this line to the side of a hot sauce bottle.

    16. And finally, whoever d-ecided to phrase things this way.

    H/T r/theyknew