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    15 Real Things That Actually Exist Even Though They Just Don't Look Right

    Something is very off.

    1. A Subway logo that's white and red instead of the green and yellow we're used to.

    JRiggles / Via

    2. A lower-cased stop sign.

    Snowblind05 / Via

    3. Or a stop sign that's colored blue instead of red, and is telling you to smile.

    carkhuff / Via

    4. Rolls of bright orange toilet paper.

    vaterisvet / Via

    5. A McDonald's with a turquoise logo instead of the traditional golden arches.

    crockett1260 / Via

    6. And an equally strange McDonald's that has a single golden arch.

    joeltb / Via

    7. This pedestrian crossing sign that has way more detail than any street sign you've ever seen before.

    JaysonthePirate / Via

    8. These ginormous grapes that don't look like they're of this world.

    Georginaemily / Via

    9. These road cones that are lime green instead of orange.

    WaterMagician / Via

    10. This traffic light installed in the ground for pedestrians who are looking down at their phones.

    imayneverknow / Via

    11. This Target that has a white bullseye instead of a red one.

    PHATstuFF21 / Via

    12. A heart-shaped stoplight.

    Football_Is_Cool_ / Via

    13. A colorful cob of corn.

    Here4damemes / Via

    14. A Walgreens that was built inside of an old bank.

    jlew24asu / Via

    15. And finally, colorless Skittles, so you can taste the rainbow even though you can't see it.

    UnpurePurist / Via