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    16 Times Ordinary Things Looked Like Extraordinary Things

    Prepare to be tripped out!

    1. These water jugs that look like they're about to get married.

    2. This plastic bag that looks exactly like a cat.

    3. These blue towels and rolls that look like the Cookie Monster the way they're stacked.

    4. This fallen post that resembles a single cigarette.

    5. The sections of this window that section off the trees outside to look like four different seasons.

    6. This cinnamon roll that looks like ET with his eyes closed.

    7. This statue that looks like it goes high into the sky.

    8. This thin slice of ham that looks like it's out of focus.

    9. This tomato that looks like a rubber duck.

    10. This slice of bread that looks like a bunny.

    11. This emptied blood packet that looks like snowy mountains.

    12. Everything outside of this window that looks like a painting.

    13. This chicken nugget that looks like a whole chicken.

    14. This rock that looks like an iguana's head.

    15. This pressure washer that looks like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc..

    16. And finally, the foam in this beer that looks like a doggie.

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting.