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    16 Times Ordinary Things Looked Like Extraordinary Things

    Prepare to be tripped out!

    1. These water jugs that look like they're about to get married.

    SoupSeeker / Via

    2. This plastic bag that looks exactly like a cat.

    ketiqber / Via

    3. These blue towels and rolls that look like the Cookie Monster the way they're stacked.

    OyeSimpson/PBS / Via

    4. This fallen post that resembles a single cigarette.

    BrackAttack / Via

    5. The sections of this window that section off the trees outside to look like four different seasons.

    pommiegurl130 / Via

    6. This cinnamon roll that looks like ET with his eyes closed.

    cheftlp1221 / Via

    7. This statue that looks like it goes high into the sky.

    cassiekay17 / Via

    8. This thin slice of ham that looks like it's out of focus.

    MelvinDickpictweet / Via

    9. This tomato that looks like a rubber duck.

    266785 / Via

    10. This slice of bread that looks like a bunny.

    AceBinliner / Via

    11. This emptied blood packet that looks like snowy mountains.

    Guilty1s / Via

    12. Everything outside of this window that looks like a painting.

    PifflesTheGreat / Via

    13. This chicken nugget that looks like a whole chicken.

    yowza4ter / Via

    14. This rock that looks like an iguana's head.

    vapingbull / Via

    15. This pressure washer that looks like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc..

    Ocidar / Via

    16. And finally, the foam in this beer that looks like a doggie.

    xray_anonymous / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting.

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