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    27 Things That've Truly Been Deeply Forgotten In Your Memory But Feel Like Stepping Into A Time Machine

    *Now entering your brain's basement and dusting off memories.*

    1. The silver paper bag Corn Pops used to come in.

    Clownbaby43 / Via

    2. The look (and smell) of old school Bath & Body Works products.

    GaffersB / Via, AndiFoxxx / Via

    3. The foil wrapping that Crunch bars used to be wrapped in.

    illlsmith / Via

    4. These different shaped Crayola stamp markers.

    tombinjiya / Via

    5. The offerings to customize your cellphone, from ringtones to wallpapers.

    rl_rox_89 / Via

    6. The red pistachios that used to exist.

    getthetime / Via

    7. The designs on different brands of blank VHS tapes.

    AxlCobainVedder / Via

    8. The bulky old packaging Extra gum used to come in.

    Mooooofasa / Via

    9. The scented doll food that legitimately smelled fruity.

    CaliforniaStoked / Via

    10. The days of folded-up, hand-written notes.

    sivablue / Via

    11. The Scantron tests that you carefully penciled in answers to.

    joshuav85 / Via

    12. The packaging your disposable camera photos came in when they were developed.

    theoldraven / Via

    13. The old Columbia House clubs trying to sell you CDs and cassettes.

    Diggle83 / Via

    14. The old Chips Ahoy packaging, and the claims of "1,000 chips in every bag!"

    AimlesslyCheesy / Via

    15. The old look of a bag of Doritos.

    EMF911 / Via

    16. The old McDonald's drive-thru aesthetic.

    Person2201 / Via

    17. The case filled with plastic coverings to hold your beloved CD collection.

    OutlierForLife / Via

    18. The OG fidget spinner that you could make with a pencil and ruler.

    HawkeyeBubber / Via

    19. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers morpher toy that came with coins.

    hanneken / Via

    20. The massive flashbulb some old-school cameras had.

    poprocksandrum / Via

    21. Gateway computers in a cow-print box.

    stillclickin / Via

    22. The thoroughly enjoyable computer games provided by Humongous Entertainment.

    Humongous Entertainment / Via

    23. The old look of a packet of Kool-Aid.

    calvy_cakes / Via

    24. The thick leather cases for clunky cell phones.

    DaftAlive / Via

    25. The tin cans that Band-Aids used to come in.

    ih8thewrld / Via

    26. And the red string that some Band-Aids had to help open them.

    1503O / Via

    27. And finally, the different colored toilet paper options that used to be a thing.

    hekela75 / Via

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