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    Updated on Sep 11, 2020. Posted on Dec 1, 2019

    15 Screenshots Of “Nice Guys” On Dating Apps That Are Infuriating To Look At

    Such kind fellas.

    1. This nice guy who wrote this long spiel (the second paragraph of which is stolen from Ted Mosby) after being told to chill out because he was being clingy after one date.

    thelryan / Via

    2. This good guy who went from "It's an honor to have matched" to ALL-CAP AGGRESSIVENESS.

    TheOriginalCJ_x / Via

    3. This nice lad who doesn't want any head games.

    splintorious / Via

    4. This not-a-dickhead guy who will treat you like a queen.

    iismeh / Via

    5. This guy named Zack who has some serious issues.

    shutupkelley / Via

    6. This gentleman who can't seem to decide if he hates hook-up apps or desperately wants to be part of one.

    reddrick / Via

    7. This charming fella who got D-enied HARD.

    babyprincess- / Via

    8. This nice guy who started the conversation well enough to get a "Lmaoooooo" and then IMMEDIATELY RUINED IT.

    MrFrowny_ / Via

    9. This dude who really thought this bio was a good idea. Like, he really made the decision to introduce himself this way.

    cannolifan / Via

    10. This nice guy who's put a lot of work into himself.

    behindthecameraxox / Via

    11. This embodiment of all those times a nice guy was done wrong.

    attemptednotknown / Via

    12. This "prototypical nice guy" who isn't some tatted, bearded fuckstick, y'all.

    johnnie-cakes / Via

    13. This self-labeled "great guy."

    sexykristinith / Via

    14. This perfect guy with a not-douchey bio.

    p1esiosaur / Via

    15. And finally, this guy with the high IQ who literally went from "I had a good time" to "Why are you doing this to me?" after 10 minutes without a response.

    g-e-e / Via

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