19 McDonald's That Exist On Earth, But Look Like They're From A Slightly Alternate Reality

    A look into the McMultiverse.

    1. This UFO-shaped Mickey D's that looks like it's on an entirely different planet.

    2. This McDonald's that has a ski-thru situation.

    3. This McDonald's that has a whole freakin' plane chillin' out front.

    4. This McDonald's that has a single, giant golden arch.

    5. This extravagant McDonald's that looks like the White House.

    6. This McDonald's that looks like a luxurious sit-down restaurant inside.

    7. This McDonald's that has greeters to welcome you at the entrance.

    8. This McDonald's with a black logo and exterior that looks like it's from some sort of dark, gothic world.

    9. This McDonald's that serves hot wings, sweet potato fries, banana milkshakes, and burgers on rye buns.

    10. This McDonald's that serves fried chicken AND corn pies.

    11. These McDonald's that have food prep stations upstairs, and pulley systems to send the food down.

    12. This McDonald's that looks like a giant castle.

    13. This McDonald's drive-thru for boats.

    14. This very rare McDonald's that has a teal logo.

    15. This little McDonald's setup where they only serve ice cream.

    16. This McDonald's that's a straight-up mansion. Look closely and you'll see McDonald's plastered in black text above the front entrance.

    17. This McDonald's that has a walk-thru.

    18. This McDonald's that used to be a pub.

    19. And finally, this McDonald's that has live music from a second-floor pianist. Casual!