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Mayonnaise Is Trash And Its Existence Is Unfortunate

It's like edible lotion.

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Someone once said, “Don’t hate on stuff you dislike, support the stuff you do like,” and I wholeheartedly agree with that notion. However, I’m going to make an exception for you, mayonnaise.

Bigacis / Getty Images

All it takes is a tablespoon of your vile, revolting, offensively thick, sickeningly creamy existence to thoroughly ruin an entire meal.

jenniferinnn / Via

You look and feel disgusting. Are you white or yellow? Are you cream or jelly?

Kenmind77 / Getty Images

There are some twisted individuals out there who'll put you places you don't belong, like on French fries...

rizwanbodla / Via

...or an omelette.

cat22183 / Via

And, in one of the most disturbing acts in the history of food, someone put you (and peas) on pizza.

@FOX152 / Via Twitter: @FOX152

Your moistness makes buns soggy...

midtown_grill / Via

Your bland taste hides the succulence of a beef patty.

sammsterboi / Via

And frankly, your gel-like texture grosses me the fuck out.

Natikka / Getty Images

Every time a restaurant puts you on my burger without permission, I want to call the police and report this injustice.

Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

People have even tried to make you in different forms, but *SHOCKER* you’re still trash.

Walmart / Apple

The same thing goes for mixing mayonnaise with ketchup to create a combo sauce. No, go away mayo. Your awfulness nearly trumps ketchup’s greatness. You’re trying to ride ketchup’s coattails to tasting decent. Sad!

Karimitsu / Getty Images

In closing, I wish you were self-aware so all of this could be said to your stupid face, or lid, or whatever.

Etiennevoss / Getty Images

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