18 Selfish People Who Live In Their Own Little World Where They're The Only Person Who Matters

    Imagine being this self-absorbed!

    1. This person who seems to think they're special and worthy of being recognized because they make good money.

    Screenshot of someone's Instagram story

    2. This person who made up a whole scenario where they get hit on by some guy who has a girlfriend.

    "How can someone be minding his busines, you invade his privacy and assume he wants to talk to you..."

    3. This person who made their self at home, sitting on a bunch of bread at a grocery store.

    A woman sitting on loaves of bread

    4. This person who is mad at their ill father for spending his money because they'd like all of it when he passes away.

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    5. These two who seem offended that people on a busy street are walking through their TikTok filming session.

    Screenshot of someone's TikTok

    6. This customer who was mad that a store's grocery selection didn't fit all of their very specific needs.

    "They were ok for a small wholefoods store."

    7. This couple who decided to ruin water for a gender reveal.

    Blue water in a waterfall

    8. These people who were determined to get their photo even if it meant holding up traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge...

    People posing for photos and causing a traffic jam

    ...Not a single care in the world.

    A traffic jam

    9. This person who BLOCKED THE STORE'S EXIT WITH THEIR CAR while loading up groceries because it was raining outside...

    Someone loading groceries in their trunk

    ...They even took time to get their umbrella out before taking, like, two steps into their car...

    A woman loading groceries in her trunk

    ...and they didn't seem to care that people were left waiting to leave while they did so.

    People waiting for a woman to load her groceries

    10. This person who filmed a dance down the aisle of a busy flight...

    A woman dancing in the aisles of an airplane

    ...bumping up against people's arms along the way without a care.

    11. This person in a crosswalk who is blocking (and flipping off) a lit up firetruck.

    A woman giving a firetruck the finger

    12. This person on a plane who nearly killed a teen on a plane...

    Headline of a girl with a severe nut allergy nearly dying because another passenger didn't stop eating nuts near her

    ...As you can see, it was just a straight-up selfish guy who couldn't be bothered to follow an emergency request.

    "Poppy Jones, 14, blacked out and required oxygen..."

    13. This person who went to a Cian Ducrot concert and thought, "Hmm, I should sing extremely loud because he might hear me and invite me on stage..."

    Screenshot of someone's TikTok

    ...and she really did sing at the top of her lungs, not because she was enjoying the music, but in the hopes of being heard and put in the spotlight.

    14. This person who feels entitled to everyone sending them money for their birthday.

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    15. This person posing in the middle of a busy NY street who thinks they're not in the wrong for blocking people from walking.

    Screenshot from someone's TikTok

    16. This person who left a note calling their neighbor a Grinch for not setting up Christmas lights, as if the whole street revolves around their wishes.

    "You have won the Humbug award!!"

    17. This guest at a wedding who cut a slice from the untouched cake as if that's not a part of the bride and groom's ceremony.

    A woman cutting a piece of the bride and groom's cake

    18. And finally, this adorably inconsiderate cat who sat on the keyboard to prove that indeed it is the main character.

    A black cat on a laptop