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    14 Times People Were Cringey And Proudly In The Wrong On LinkedIn

    Bragging about working on your wedding day? Odd.

    1. This person who lied about getting hired at a company and got called out directly by the business.

    A person saying they're happy to announce they're starting a new position, then the business responding and saying "this is incorrect, please remove this from your profile"

    2. This person trying to convince people that taking time off for themselves is a bad idea.

    A person says you shouldn't take long vacations, because it proves the business can manage well without you

    3. This person driving in the middle of the road and dishing out motivation on LinkedIn.

    4. This person bragging about not hiring a candidate for a truly moronic reason.

    5. This person trying to tell people 24 hours with Elon Musk are more valuable than $1 million.

    A person gives a speech about why spending time with Elon Musk is more valuable than $1 million, then puts a poll asking which people would rather have — 91% of people answer they'd rather have $1 million

    Again, that's one million USD, or a day with this man:


    6. This weirdo.

    7. This person who is trying to use LinkedIn as a dating app and coming with this corny, cringey line.

    8. The person who posted this listing for an unpaid internship that's seeking a skilled individual.

    9. This person who thinks their company created lunch breaks just because they're calling 'em a "Power Hour."

    Someone announcing the launch of "power hour," saying it's an hour for people to eat, go for a walk, and have guilt-free time away from the computer in the middle of the day

    10. This person boasting about working on their wedding day.

    A person in an ornate dress, saying they're working on their wedding day and that their clients are more important than their husband

    11. This person who prioritizes checking LinkedIn over making sure their pregnant wife is all good.

    A person shares their morning routine, which says at 6:30 a.m. they post on LinkedIn and at 6:35 a.m. they make sure their pregnant wife is okay

    12. This person who thinks disdain for recruiters is basically the same as racism.

    A recruiter asking why recruiters are hated so much, and saying that in some comments, if you replaced recruiters with an ethnic group, it would be racist

    13. This person who offered condolences by spelling "loss" wrong and then listing every single credential they've got.

    Someone offering condolences by saying "I am so sorry for your lose," then signing off with their name, all their job titles and certifications, making their sign-off take up 10 lines of space

    14. This person who thinks speakers should be honored to speak at conferences and not ask for, well, anything.