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    LeBron James Revealed That He's Just As Cheap As The Rest Of Us

    "I still got Pandora with commercials."

    Everyone knows LeBron plays stingy defense, but it turns out that ~stinginess~ also leaks into his life off the basketball court.

    During an interview with his friend and teammate Dwyane Wade, ESPN's Rachel Nichols asked LeBron if it's true that he's "the cheapest guy in the NBA," as Wade says he is.

    LeBron admitted there's some truth behind that sentiment, listing a few examples of his frugalness, like this...

    And this...

    And something all of us who love streaming music but hate spending money can relate to...

    It's crazy to think that the richest active player in the NBA still does some penny-pinching. And of course, Pandora didn't hesitate to reach out to LeBron.

    So, it looks like King James will get the best of both worlds — being extremely rich AND getting commercial-free music streaming for the price of on the house.