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    18 Landlords Being The Worst That Will Make Your Blood Boil On Behalf Of Their Tenants

    Some of these can't even be legal.

    1. This ridiculous set of terms someone was offered to move into a place.

    "Please let me know if you would like to accept this offer."

    2. This person trying to give a tenant the boot because they're using the A/C.

    "I have already advised them to keep the A/C 75 or higher..."

    3. This landlord asking a tenant to declare how much more rent they're willing to pay.

    "I will send you the form for the increase"

    4. This landlord who is all about getting their money immediately without any consideration of circumstances.

    "I have no feelings for anyone that owes me money and refuses to pay."

    5. This landlord casually cutting the water off "AGAIN," meaning it's a recurring problem.

    "Again? I need to shower and fill up water."

    6. This landlord trying to keep charging someone an internet fee even after they setup their own internet.

    "you are still responsible for the monthly shared $10 internet fee"

    7. This landlord who controls the sprinkler system, locking it to ensure the grass is watered for an hour every day, but sticks the tenant with the water bill. This landlord also suggests 15,000 gallons of water a month is normal usage when they express concern over a high bill.

    Texts from a landlord

    8. This landlord trying to evict someone for withholding rent after they didn't fix the hot water.

    "Please send rent without delay, or an eviction process will be carried out on the unit."

    9. This landlord who kicked a beloved elderly neighbor from a duplex and moved in himself, then sent this text to a tenant.

    "I moved in next door can I get your wifi password?"

    10. This landlord using this reasoning to raise rent for the third time in 18 months.

    "The rent increase is based on increase in Consumer price index which is linked to economy."

    11. This landlord who was a little late (17 days, to be exact) getting a repair to a clogged toilet.

    "Because I cannot go a single day without using my toilet."

    12. This landlord who refused to fix a sagging ceiling for months, and then, this happened.

    A ceiling caving in

    13. Here's another landlord who refuses to fix a leaky ceiling, but he's even worse...

    Mold coming out of the ceiling

    14. ...because this was his response when the tenants complained about it.

    "I am extremely pissed off."

    15. This landlord who got caught charging a tenant higher rent than they're legally allowed to thanks to communication from the previous renter.

    A card from a previous tenant

    16. This landlord trying to raise someone's rent if they stay home during weekends.

    Saturday and Sunday indoor than have to add $30 monthly

    17. This landlord blaming a pipe burst on tenants.

    An email from a landlord

    18. And finally, this landlord who came through with all of these "home guidelines" AFTER someone had signed an agreement.

    A list of "Home Guidelines"