24 Times Kids Really Struggled To Understand How Things Work That I Can't Stop Laughing At

    The logic of a young brain is really something.

    1. This kid who wanted to know why the woman is so small.

    2. This kid who entered their age as accurately as they knew how.

    3. The kid who interpreted a Pokémon card's instructions hilariously wrong.

    4. This 6-year-old kid's instructions for cooking a turkey.

    5. This kid who tried to cook their waffle on something plastic and learned that they don't do well in ovens.

    6. This kid who, at the very least, has a ton of confidence.

    7. The kid who tried to take a bite of this fake apple.

    8. This kid who decided to place their charging Nintendo Switch on the edge of the table across the way instead of the many other options.

    9. This kid who wanted to play hide-and-seek, then chose to use a cat bed over their face as a hiding spot.

    10. This child who chose to put on their genius shirt the wrong way.

    11. This kid putting out a candle's flame with a fire hydrant's worth of spit.

    12. This kid who struggled with this sign-and-date situation.

    13. This kid who can't yet grasp the 12-month calendar year.

    14. This kid who is trying to understand how tattoos work.

    15. These kids who don't yet get how walkie-talkies function.

    16. This kid who is ambitious but will probably have to choose a more traditional career path.

    17. This kid who wanted to sharpen his finger.

    18. This kid that wanted to be a piggy bank.

    19. This kid who wants bread to magically be toast.

    20. This kid trying to comprehend ages.

    21. This kid responsible for trashing cash.

    22. This kid who learned that smashing things when you're angry can lead to broken gaming consoles.

    23. This kid who misunderstood the label here.

    24. And finally, this kid who is learning that you shouldn't share your address with strangers online.