20 Kids Doing Things In The Most Hilariously Illogical And Destructive Ways Possible

    Adorable? Mayhem? Both?

    1. This child who showcased his strong throwing arm by yeeting the baseball his father had snagged back onto the field.

    Don't worry, they got the ball back as you can see here in the full clip.

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    2. This kid who swallowed a sim key, then swallowed a penny while demonstrating how he swallowed a sim key.

    3. This kid who put crayons in the dishwasher.

    4. This kid who made a really bad trade with their parents' property.

    5. This kid who asked to hold the pan of brownies, which somehow led to them having a footprint in 'em.

    6. This kid who took their parents' cash and handed it out to classmates.

    7. This kid who set a really helpful password hint.

    8. This kid who wanted to make breakfast for their parent.

    9. This kid who decided to use a paper clip this way.

    10. This kid who wanted to email their dad.

    11. This kid whose dad checked his search history and found a lot of stuff about death along with a search that looks worse than it is if you don't understand that it's referring to an old Vine.

    Here's the Vine in reference:

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    12. This kid who is chomping on drywall like it's apples.

    13. This kid who learned cuss words and let 'em fly in their diary.

    14. This kid who broke a TV screen with a controller.

    15. This kid who did something terrible to these headphones, then put 'em back as if it would go unnoticed.

    16. This kid who put every bathroom-goer on blast.

    17. This kid who added moisture to the air in the worst way possible.

    18. This kid who crammed several discs into a PlayStation.

    19. This kid who wanted to test out the muffins.

    My 4-year-old took a bite out of all of the muffins to determine his favorite. The verdict: Banana nut They were all banana nut.

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    20. And finally, this kid who wanted to be the one celebrated on Mother's Day for being born.