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    14 Kawhi Leonard "Hey, Hey, Hey" Tweets That I Legitimately Laughed Out Loud At

    First it was the laugh, then it was "What it do, baby?" Now it's this.

    The NBA season kicked off last week, and along with elite basketball, it brings quality joke potential. Kawhi Leonard is no stranger to being turned into a meme, and this time a clip of him greeting the Los Angeles Clippers crowd with a super-chill "Hey, hey, hey" has been used for several funny tweets. Here are some of the best.

    "Hey! Hey! Hey!" 😂😂😂 The first two seconds of Kawhi's intro is hilarious (via @LAClippers)


    When I show my mom a picture and she start scrolling


    When you’re using in the bathroom stall and someone comes in tryna open it


    When you about to pass a 18 wheeler and they turn on their signal


    When you and yo sibling fighting and yo dad see 😭😂😭


    When I came over to watch Netflix and she starts grabbing at my pants


    When we’re 27 mimosas in at the brunch and the problematic friend says “why does that bitch keep looking at us”


    When my dad sees me messing with the thermostat


    When you see her trying out your hoodie


    Kawhi said “hey hey hey“ like he was talking to some bad kids in math class



    When he introduce you as his girl to his fine friends


    When ya girlfriend commenting on your post making it seem like y’all talk 🌚


    when you ghosted her for months and shes finally starting to move on with a guy who treats her right


    When she starts reaching for your food after she said she wasn’t hungry

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