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    26 Failed Fall And Halloween Products That Really Tried, But Came Up Short

    Festive fails.

    1. These candy eyeballs that only have pupils on the wrappers.

    Kalsifur / Via

    2. This pumpkin spice cream cheese that looks just like the smoked salmon one.

    Daniel326 / Via

    3. This "bat-shaped" peanut butter cup.

    OatsMcGoat / Via

    4. The oddly-placed hand of Frankenstein on these Halloween leggings.

    WhenTimeFalls / Via

    5. This super scary decal that says "Enter you if dare."

    k2yip / Via

    6. This sign that's meant to greet the season, but instead looks like it says, "HELL fall."

    DJFallopion / Via

    7. The beads of sweat on this pumpkin that look more like something else.

    haneke_ / Via

    8. This "boo" decoration that looks more like it says, "bod," or "bad," or "bool."

    roof_baby / Via

    9. These socks that are spooky, tricky, and...creery?

    deadrussia / Via

    10. This Mario and Yoshi costume that miscalculated their respective sizes.

    Scoozie / Via

    11. The tape on this McDonald's door that looks like it's legitimately telling people not to enter.

    iflyaeroplanes / Via

    12. This festive sign suggesting you "Eat and be drink SCARY."

    bigbgl / Via

    13. This crappy-looking bloody toilet decoration.

    scerstt / Via

    14. This confusing, roundabout way of saying "it's autumn."

    Thrillhouse4065 / Via

    15. This lovely, glowing "trick or trert" sign.

    Iceo0 / Via

    16. These Halloween tights that accidentally have the Star of David on 'em instead of a pentagram.

    toshu / Via

    17. This decoration that accidentally swapped the B and the R in "BEWARE."

    Keykatriz / Via

    18. This hand wash that looks like its scent is "ass pumpkin."

    SarcasticJabToTheGut / Via

    19. These skeleton socks that are designed with two right feet.

    weareallindanger / Via

    20. This sign that says, "Let's get spoy ok."

    23grillotl / Via

    21. This fall shirt that should've made the candy corn the V if it wanted to say "LOVE" instead of "LAVE."

    seekereleven / Via

    22. These spider and scorpion skeleton decorations, even though both creatures have exoskeletons.

    Try_This_One_More_Ti / Via

    23. This daycare that's just being festive, but sounds super sketchy.

    McBlurry / Via

    24. This Halloween poster that didn't just use a font that's difficult to read, but also featured a watermarked stock photo.

    boundandcovered / Via

    25. This gas station's dinosaur statue that got a lazy, ghost makeover for the fall.

    imaketacoz / Via

    26. And finally, these fun web decorations that are blocking anyone trying to use the stairs.

    Magatalip1 / Via

    H/T r/CrappyDesign

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