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    17 Times It Appeared There Was A Little Glitch In Our Simulation Over The Past Month

    Something must've gone wrong with the coding.

    1. Let's start with this generic beer that looks like whoever is running the simulation forgot to add visual effects.

    a beer can that's called "regular beer"
    notimeleft4you / Via

    2. This truck cruising down the highway while displaying highway signs.

    a truck with highway signs on its side
    person7849 / Via

    3. This $10 coin featuring Bill Clinton.

    Bill Clinton on a coin
    dehydrationking / Via

    4. This bouquet of flowers that's not actual plants — it's Legos.

    a bouquet made with Legos
    BaronVonBroccoli / Via

    Look at those details up close!

    a closeup of the Lego bouquet
    BaronVonBroccoli / Via

    5. This perfume bottle that looks like glass cleaner.

    a perfume bottle that looks like glass cleaner
    RookieMistake101 / Via

    6. This Disney princess living inside of an ice cube.

    ice with a mold of Belle in it
    Vixi0n / Via

    I need Iced Coffee Princess's backstory immediately.

    a closeup of the ice
    Vixi0n / Via

    7. This bread that's sliced HORIZONTALLY.

    bread loaves with horizontal slices
    minecalos1 / Via

    8. This apartment that looks like it's been embedded in a stone wall.

    an apartment with a wall of stone
    Sirnando138 / Via

    9. This building that looks like it's transparent, stuck in limbo between dimensions.

    a skyscraper with mirror walls
    silvercoated1 / Via

    10. This dead tree branch that looks like it's been taken over by a lion.

    dead branch in the shape of a lion
    Fluss01 / Via

    11. This Apple Store covered in greenery like a forest overlapped into a shopping center.

    greenery on the steps of an Apple Store
    xplodingtinkftw / Via

    12. This (terrifying) alignment that makes it appear this dog has a face with human features.

    a dog nuzzled into a blanket that has a human face on it
    Skratchy9 / Via

    13. This upside-down building.

    a building that looks upside down
    Oversized-biscuits / Via

    14. This egg that morphed into chick-form after being cooked.

    a fried egg that looks like a chick
    48north / Via

    15. This city skyline design that appears to have mistakenly been coded into these torn tights.

    torn tights with a hole that looks like a city skyline
    leelahtequila / Via

    16. This pencil made of denim that I can only assume means there's a pair of jeans somewhere made of graphite.

    a denim pencil
    AlexTrebek_ / Via

    17. And finally, this beautifully textile-painted hoodie that looks like it's harboring a portal to another dimension within its torso.

    a painting of a street and landscape on a hoodie
    Ethereality420 / Via