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    17 Times People Tried Gatekeeping Silly Things That Prove Some Folks Need To Get A Hobby

    Sorry, you can't comprehend being exhausted unless you have children.

    1. This person who thinks you can't celebrate being cigarette free unless it's been two years, minimum.

    a twitter user saying someone can't celebrate being cigarette free until after 2 years

    2. This person who couldn't let someone take an ounce of pride in starting their college loan repayment.

    someone saying that they paid their mortgage and bills

    3. This person who thinks you can only use umbrellas when you're a child.

    someone responding and asking if people are just supposed to become waterproof after 18 years old

    4. This person who basically thinks your parents shouldn't still love you once you're 20.

    a person hating on someone's dad making them a cake

    5. This person acting like the newer generation can't figure out how to spell, 'HELP' because auto-correct exists 🥴.

    a person trolling that they'd use emoji's if they were stranded on a beach

    6. This person hating on a celebration of sobriety.

    a troll hating on someone's 13 years of sobriety when they've been sober 39 years

    7. This person trying to make the rules for what nurses do outside of work.

    someone saying nurses can't be humans doing regular things outside of work

    8. This person who apparently decides precisely what can be categorized as fasting.

    someone saying that fasting isn't until a person can go without food for 2 days

    9. This person gatekeeping what this dude does in his free time.

    a man spends 10 years turning his hedges into a dragon and a troll saying it was a waste of time

    10. This person being a dweeb about what defines a true "gamer."

    a troll telling someone to list all the games since they're a gamer now

    11. This person who thinks you can't be tired unless you've got kids to take care of.

    a parent thinking other parents are the only ones that can be tired

    12. And this person who shares the same only-tired-if-you-have-kids theory.

    a troll responding that unless they have 2 young kids than someone cant be tired

    13. This person acting snobby about freakin' earthquakes.

    a troll says about an earthquake, "2.6 aren't you cute?"

    14. This person scoffing at the idea of a 15-page paper.

    after someone writes a 15 page paper, someone tells them to talk after they've written 36 pages in one night

    15. This meme someone made to hate on people who enjoy popular things.

    the "I have no personality starter pack" that includes pizza, a dog, marvel movies and The Office as their favorite show

    16. This insufferable person who thinks they write the rules on what qualifies as being a capable cook.

    someone trolling another trying to make biscuits with no milk

    17. And finally, this person (who happens to be vegan) shared a story about buying a kid ice cream...

    person saying they helped a girl buy an ice cream at the ice cream truck

    ...then encountered this person who tried to be the vegan police...

    a vegan being upset that the ice cream wasn't vegan but the person responds that they're a vegan too and it was a kid getting ice cream

    ...and it all ended with the vegan police officer tweeting about their interaction, convinced that they were in the right.