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23 Arcade Games You Definitely Played Growing Up In The '90s

So many tokens well spent.

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2. NBA Jam

Midway Games

Everything about NBA Jam brought out the competitive spirit in gamers. From the "Boom shaka-laka!" shouted after a filthy dunk, to hitting a few shots in a row and getting your player on fire, this remains one of the most unique, iconic sports games ever.


9. X-Men: The Arcade Game


There was nothing better than controlling your favorite mutants as you did usual beat 'em up game activities, walking around and opening cans of whoop ass on your enemies.

11. Virtua Fighter 2


Yes, there were many a fighting games at the arcade, but this one had some interesting characters, like Shun Di, who a super intoxicated old man who fittingly uses Druken Kung Fu against his opponents.


13. Tekken


There were only eight different characters, but you could control each fighter's four limbs individually. Punch with the right, kick with the left, it may be whatever now, but back then that was a groundbreaking factor for the fighting game crowd.

15. Cruis’n USA/Cruis’n World

Midway Games / donshal / Via

Racing on streets that were loosely based on real-life US locations was fun, but Cruis'n World took it to another level with new cars and tracks all over the world.


22. WWF Wrestlemania the Arcade Game

Midway Games

This delivered the brutality of Mortal Kombat but with wrestlers! Though there weren't many to choose from, when it comes to wrestling arcade games, this earned the title of the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

23. Crazy Taxi


Something about hopping in that little arcade cabinet and driving around recklessly, trying to get these characters where they needed to be in a certain amount of time provided such an adrenaline rush. Surely there are some elite Uber drivers on the road today, solely because they wanted to live out their Crazy Taxi fantasies.