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    21 Hilarious "Game Of Thrones" Reactions From Black Twitter

    "Bran is just Jaden Smith wearing a fur coat."

    1. Preparing for this episode wasn't taken lightly:

    Ready to watch game of thrones today like

    2. You are not the bastard!:

    Sam walking up to tell Jon Snow he’s a Targaryen #GameOfThrones

    3. The Jay-Z doing things vibes:

    Jon Snow riding the dragon. 😂😩 #GameofThrones

    4. Bran didn't have time to waste on exchanging pleasantries:

    #GameofThrones Daenerys- “The north is as beautiful as your brother claimed,as are you” Sansa- “Winterfell is yours, Your grace.” Bran-

    5. We know Sam was hurtin':

    Daenerys: “I killed your father and brother” Sam: “Thank you for telling me” #GameofThrones

    6. If GoT was an NBA Playoffs series:

    Cersei worried about dick and Jon and Dani going on dates. Night king in 4.

    7. HE KNOWS:

    "I know you fucked ya auntie bruh"

    8. On Jaime and Bran:

    #GameOfThrones Some random Northerner: Ayo ain’t that Jamie Lan- Bran:

    9. On Grey Worm and Missandei riding in:

    The townsfolk seeing Black people for the first time 😂 #DemThrones

    10. On Daenerys's bluntness.

    Sam: so you killed my brother and my father? Daenarys: #GameofThrones

    11. Bran is just an icon living.

    12. Sam's confessions:

    Jon Snow finding out he’s the true king

    13. On Cersei's plans:

    Tyrion: we will be joined by the Lannister forces as well Cersei:

    14. Poor Sam:

    Sam: Well atleast i still got my brother Khaleesi:

    15. Kobe Branant:

    16. An explanation for the dragons keeping a watchful eye:


    18. Bran ain't scared:

    Bran really just be pulling up on niggas just to grill on em this nigga real as hell

    19. Bran ain't scared, the sequel:

    20. Bran ain't scared, part three.

    21. And finally:

    When Bran clocked eyes with Jaime at the end #GameOfThrones

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