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15 Things Taco Bell Had Growing Up That You 100% Forgot About But Will Instantly Remember

Frutista freezes!

1. The old Taco Bell logo that looked like this.

IUsedToHaveAmbition / Via

2. Or the past versions of Taco Bell's exterior.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images, Gotothree / Via

3. All of Taco Bells' items that've been discontinued throughout the years and are gone but not forgotten, like chili cheese burritos.

Pr0bl3mChild / Via

4. The heavy '90s vibes in Taco Bell's old interior.

10xchamp / Via

5. And the chairs they had that looked like this.

hideyopokemon / Via

6. The adorable "Yo quiero Taco Bell" dog.

Taco Bell / Via

7. And the merchandise that came as a result of his popularity.

colehoots / Via

8. This thing that you'd drop coins into in the hopes of winning a free item.

BikiniInspektor / Via

9. Taco Bell packaging that looked like this.

rburp / Via

10. And the old school hot sauce packets that looked like this...

ajamesmccarthy / Via

11. Or this...

onlyfuturehuman / Via

12. Or even this.

SweetSpider / Via

13. Nacho and Dog and Taco Bell kid's meal options.

lvl6charmander / Via

14. The classic retro Dixie cups that even Taco Bell used to use.

KyriiTheAtlantean / Via

15. And finally, the gloriousness that was Taco Bell's Frutista Freeze drinks (RIP).

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