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16 Dishonest Food Products That Didn't Come As Advertised

Trust-issues fuel.

1. Here's an unforgivable ice cream scam.

cyaYusha / Via

2. This pizza is topped with pepperoni and dishonesty.

ArtistWolf / Via

3. A jerk packaged this jerky.

hiha64 / Via

4. This disappointing doughnut is not what's pictured on the package.

RJWeaver / Via

5. This box of cereal is advertising 8g of protein in big lettering, but that's only when you add a proper amount of milk.

readsfootnotes / Via

6. This steak and cheese wrap is mostly just tortilla.

bizzy401 / Via

7. This brand-new case of protein is hardly half full.

Furious_Flames / Via

8. This box is designed to make it look full, but it really only holds a smaller portion of chocolates.

RalphiesBoogers / Via

9. This strap of candy is just sad.

platinum_party / Via

10. This is a waste of plastic and a shortage of hot dogs.

RalphiesBoogers / Via


cats-and-cows / Via

12. Here's a tasteless tactic used to sell spices.

VA3Official / Via

13. This shareable bag of chips weighs the same as the regular-sized one.

AApickleAA / Via

14. These cookies are just profoundly disappointing.

green_buddha_cacti / Via

15. This is a (sliver of cheese)burger.

mazzano / Via

16. And here's a cashew package that rises up in the middle to make it appear full. LIES.

DiggyKalborn / Via

H/T: r/assholedesign