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    14 Side-By-Side Food Comparisons That Are Going To Blow Your Mind

    A farm-grown tomato vs. a store-bought one.

    1. This look at modern corn on the cob versus the original corn plant.

    2. These McDonald's fries versus fries from a school cafeteria after eight years in a jar.

    3. The color difference in American Froot Loops versus European Froot Loops.

    4. This modern tomato versus a tomato grown from 150-year-old seeds.

    5. And this farm-grown tomato versus one found at a grocery store.

    6. These Sour Patch Kids in America (top) versus the Sour Patch Kids in Australia (bottom).

    7. This free range egg someone bought from a local farm versus a non-free range egg, which might look different because of the chickens that produced them have differing diets.

    8. This Crush orange soda from America vs. Crush orange soda from Mexico.

    9. This lobster caught in California versus a lobster purchased from a grocery store.

    10. These two apples that looked the same initially, but look like this after being left alone for a week (perhaps because of ethylene).

    11. This beef from a grocery store versus grass-fed beef from a local butcher, which might be a result of grinding the meat twice for consistency.

    12. This zucchini someone grew versus zucchini from a grocery store.

    13. The slightly different lineup of Skittles in the US versus in the UK.

    14. And finally, this modern-day watermelon versus a depiction of watermelon from the 17th century.