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    22 Very Specific Things Everyone Experienced Growing Up In The ‘90s

    Did we all grow up in the same house?

    1. This table that we all had a late-night chat at.

    2. And the bug bites that came with it.

    3. Cutting the corners of your mouth on these frozen treats, a sacrifice you were willing to make because they were delicious.

    4. Self-administered mechanical pencil shots.

    5. Opening a container of these hoping for Danish butter cookies, but instead finding a bunch of sewing supplies.

    6. Taking a picture with this vibe in the background.

    7. Drawing this classic S that somehow went viral before the internet.

    8. Blocking the strip on a solar-powered calculator to shut it off.

    9. Eating square pizza from a school cafeteria.

    10. Anxiously waiting for the bouncing DVD logo to land in the corner.

    11. Ruining your tongue on delicious Altoids Mango Sours because they hurt so good.

    12. Sitting in a creaky webbed lawn chair.

    13. Drinking out of a pitcher + cup combo that looked just like this.

    14. You or someone you know having these glowing stars on their ceiling.

    15. Using a pencil or pen to rewind cassette tapes — or your pinky finger, if you were willing to endure a little discomfort.

    16. The joy and pain of finding out that you won or lost a prize on a soda cap.

    17. Using these cold, hard laboratory tables in school.

    18. Fitting a CD player in your pocket and trying to move gently so the disc wouldn't skip.

    19. Drinking out of these plastic containers that were probably, possibly, definitely NOT BPA-free.

    20. Being slightly scared to check the grade book or have others look at your performance (unless you were confident in your scores).

    21. Having to navigate this old AOL home screen AFTER the lengthy dial-up connection process.

    22. And finally, after getting your Bob Ross on, placing your watercolor work on this rack to let it dry.