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    19 Things You Probably Forgot About But Will Immediately Remember If You Loved Fast Food As A Kid

    It's strange how distinctly I remember Taco Bell's old packaging.

    1. The days when Taco Bell had this exterior design.

    2. Or this one.

    3. And when this was the aesthetic on the inside.

    4. The food used to be served in this wrapping.

    5. And they used to have that game where you'd drop a coin in water and try to catch it on one of the ledges.

    6. The McDonald's drive-thru menu looked like this!

    7. And on the inside, they had burgers and fries chairs.

    8. They had these fun little cookies in Happy Meals.

    9. And this floor design that seemed to be used in all McDonald's (and Subways).

    10. Speaking of Subways, they used to look like this inside.

    11. And they used to cut sandwiches like this.

    12. The old Pizza Hut was actually shaped like a hut.

    13. And Pizza Hut looked like this on the inside — salad bar included.

    14. These chandeliers were hanging from the ceilings.

    15. And these were the red cups Pizza Hut gave you when you ate their buffet.

    16. Wendy's food came in this bright yellow packaging.


    18. Burger King once looked like this on the outside.

    19. And finally, these were the lovely crown-shaped chicken nuggets Burger King used to serve.