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    19 Things You Probably Forgot About But Will Immediately Remember If You Loved Fast Food As A Kid

    It's strange how distinctly I remember Taco Bell's old packaging.

    1. The days when Taco Bell had this exterior design.

    TyWormely1999 / Via

    2. Or this one.

    Gotothree / Via

    3. And when this was the aesthetic on the inside.

    wackazoo / Via

    4. The food used to be served in this wrapping.

    rburp / Via

    5. And they used to have that game where you'd drop a coin in water and try to catch it on one of the ledges.

    finkleface / Via

    6. The McDonald's drive-thru menu looked like this!

    Person2201 / Via

    7. And on the inside, they had burgers and fries chairs.

    sammyaxelrod / Via

    8. They had these fun little cookies in Happy Meals.

    Djanghost / Via

    9. And this floor design that seemed to be used in all McDonald's (and Subways).

    moonshoot3r / Via

    10. Speaking of Subways, they used to look like this inside.

    Kelso22340 / Via

    11. And they used to cut sandwiches like this.

    WarlockAgent / Via

    12. The old Pizza Hut was actually shaped like a hut.

    ZadocPaet / Via

    13. And Pizza Hut looked like this on the inside — salad bar included.

    OneNineFiveOne / Via

    14. These chandeliers were hanging from the ceilings.

    Costner_Facts / Via

    15. And these were the red cups Pizza Hut gave you when you ate their buffet.

    miketerre / Via

    16. Wendy's food came in this bright yellow packaging.

    thelazydon / Via


    froggedfrogginson / Via

    18. Burger King once looked like this on the outside.

    RogerDat143 / Via

    19. And finally, these were the lovely crown-shaped chicken nuggets Burger King used to serve.

    mega_trex / Via

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