19 People Who Took "Fake It 'Til You Make It" To The Next Level

    Not saying I condone 'em. Just saying they're creative.

    1. This YouTuber who pretended he was playing a UFC video game so he could stream the fights free.

    2. This kid who pretended they were having technical difficulties during class by changing their name to "reconecting," which could've worked a little better if they'd spelled "reconnecting" correctly.

    3. This person who wore a blue vest and stole a bunch of stuff from Walmart.

    4. This person who edited a band's Wikipedia page to trick security and hang backstage.

    5. These people who snuck into a concert using wristbands made of a bottle's wrapper.

    6. This person who pretended they were an extra just to see Keanu Reeves IRL.

    A comment detailing the story

    7. This person pretending to be at a live event.

    8. This person who basically just grabbed hold of a job as a customer service representative.

    9. This person portraying themself as a fancy tea-drinker during Zoom meetings when they're actually eating candy.

    10. This person who couldn't get a reservation at a restaurant so they called pretending to be the prime minister of Morocco and got a great table and a signed plate from the chef.

    The individual with the signed plate, shaking hands with someone else

    11. This person who snuck out of the crowd and into the team photo. (He even managed to exchange "good game" handshakes with the opposing team.)

    12. And this person who pretended he belonged on the court during warm-ups long enough to get to take a shot.

    13. And this player who snuck into the opposing team's huddle.

    14. This person who wanted to blend in with the mannequins and did a damn good job of it if you ask me.

    15. This person who was directing traffic and added in an orange vest for maximum legitimacy.

    16. This kid who brings a baggie of sweet peppers to school and impresses friends who think he's eating extremely hot peppers.

    17. This person who is using a movie theater hat they found to masquerade as an employee and see free movies.

    18. These kids who went to great lengths to sneak someone into a movie.

    19. And finally, this brilliant person pretending to take photos at a wedding while actually watching a football game.